Our group’s topic is “History of the Internet – Examining the Web and the Internet, Who Created & Shaped Them & Who brought them to Ireland”.

In our first meeting some of us brought a few suggestions. My suggestion was to do something related to the “Internet/ Web” due to its significant importance and also because I had already done some research for the first assignment on this topic and was looking forward to the opportunity to go further into it. 

Once we had the suggested topics, we decided to do some research on them and in the final vote we elected “The Internet/ Web”.

We decided then to do a timeline, because we knew the amount of information would be huge. The timeline allows the user to navigate in chronological order or go straight to a particular moment in time. Furthermore, the images, videos and links make the navigation very interactive which improve the experience of those accessing the content. 

The initial idea was to use a tool that Vincent presented in one of his classes. But Trevor in one of our initial meetings presented the version we used and we found it brilliant

As Trevor would be responsible for the programming and data upload, Andrew, Ivan and I got responsible for the research, text, images and videos. We created a Google Sheets where we inserted all the materials we found, texts and other resources.

The project ran smoothly throughout. I am very glad with what we have achieved and with what I learned from the project, about the topic that we chose, but mainly from the exchange with my colleagues.